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Our Program

For 125 years and counting, Bell & Evans has been committed to producing superior quality poultry.  We know first-hand that natural and organic practices are best.  Bell & Evans was the first to introduce all-natural chicken to the market and eliminate the use of antibiotics more than 20 years ago.  
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Why Go Organic?
  • Demand for organic is steadily increasing.

  • Organic-certified products earn a premium price.

  • Organic practices improve the health of soil, air and water, reducing the carbon footprint.

  • Rodale Institute’s nearly seven decades of scientific organic agriculture research proves that organic agriculture performs as well as, if not better than, conventional agriculture.

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Certification Basics
Organic 101
  • Conventional farming uses synthetic chemicals to fight pests and weeds and provide plant nutrition. Organic farming uses natural principles like biodiversity, crop rotation and composting to maintain healthy soil, without ever using prohibited substances or GMOs.

  • To sell organic products under the organic label, you must become organic certified. The National Organic Standards are set by the USDA.

  • Products with a USDA Organic seal are produced without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, and they are GMO-free.

  • Land must be free of all prohibited substances for at least 3 years.

  • You must sell more than $5,000 in organic products a year.

  • Farms must undergo regular inspections to ensure compliance.

Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Healthy People

Benefits to you


Cargill will offer market access for transition crops, and farmers are guaranteed a dedicated market for their transitioned organic grains through Bell & Evans.


Cargill will secure your grain right from the farm and deliver it to Pennsylvania for processing.

How it Works
Combine Harvester on Field

Cargill will incentivize U.S. farmers to transition acreage from conventional to organic management through subsidized organic crop consulting services provided by organic pioneer Rodale Institute.

Hands in the Soil

Contracted growers will receive customized support to aid them through the transition including on-farm consultation, organic system planning, certification assistance, weed management guidance, crop rotation planning, recordkeeping guidance and inspection preparation.

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