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U. S. Organic

Grain Transition and

Long-term Procurement Program

Our Program

Bell & Evans Has a Growing Need

We need more U.S. organic-certified corn and soybeans for our organic chicken feed to support our increasing organic production. We partnered with global ag leader Cargill and organic pioneer Rodale Institute to help increase our access to domestic organic grains. The partnership incentivizes U.S. farmers to transition acreage from conventional to organic management through subsidized organic crop consulting services by Rodale Institute. Learn how we can help you, help us!

Bell & Evans Wants to Help Farmers Transition

Contracted growers receive customized support to aid you through the transition process including on-farm consultation, organic system planning, certification assistance, weed management guidance, crop rotation planning, recordkeeping guidance and inspection preparation. Cargill offers market access for transition crops, and farmers are guaranteed a dedicated market for their certified organic grains through Bell & Evans.

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Great Demand for

Organic Grains

March 2, 2022

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Our Story

Bell & Evans is a premium poultry producer of Raised Without Antibiotics and Organic chicken. No commodity brands. We are family owned and operated since 1894. Celebrating 125 years as America’s oldest branded chicken!

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